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Phillip Nelson


Award winning artist and author Phillip Nelson considers his multi-faceted career a blessing. He was born in Durant Oklahoma and spent most of his childhood in the countryside of Oklahoma and Texas. When he was young he often envisioned himself becoming a lawyer, artist or writer. The son of a carpenter, he started drawing, painting and writing at a very young age. The family moved to Oklahoma in the late 90s where Phillip’s love for the arts continued.

In 2001, Phillip lost his father to cancer, resulting his emancipation at an early age of fifteen. Being brought up in a religious family, Phillip was disowned for his sexual orientation. Having an abusive and absent mother, Phillip provided for his siblings. In 2007, Phillip started a modeling career, which spanned for seven years. Since, Phillip has appeared in numerous print campaigns across the globe. His modeling career expanded to working on campaigns for Think Green Recycling and Marriage Equality. He was also a featured model in Fashion Week and a model in Kevin Murphy’s The Big Show. It wasn’t long until critics took notice of Phillip, resulting the prestigious Male Model of the Year Award from Starlight Productions. In addition to other awards, he also received the coveted Chameleon of the World Award in 2012. In 2014, Phillip retired modeling to pursue other endeavors.

Phillip Nelson

In 2009, Phillip made his acting debut as a supporting actor in Pennsylvania’s Dracula ballet. While looking for larger roles, Phillip appeared in numerous music videos such as Britney Spears ‘Work B*tch’, Nick Cannon's ‘If I Die Young’ and Benni Cinkle's ‘Can You See Me Now’—to name a few. Although, his portion in the Britney Spears’ ‘Work B*tch’ video was cut from the finalized version. Two years later, Phillip broadened his acting career to new levels by landing the lead role in the LGBT limited series Human Desires. In 2013, he filmed an episode for Bravo’s The Millionaire Matchmaker.

Phillip is currently working on the release of his first book titled Leaf in the Wind. The book is a memoir based on his philosophical values of life and self-discovery as he reveals the extensive sexual, physical and emotional abuse he has overcome. Phillip wanted to share his life experiences with others who may identify with an abusive background. It is his desire to inspire those who have experienced such difficulties to become survivors and not victims.

Since childhood, Phillip has taken an interest in painting and other forms of art. Throughout elementary school and college, he continuously studied various art techniques and structures. Being an artist at heart, Phillip withheld his talent from many people except his friends and family. In 2015, Phillip made his art debut with his mini-series titled Thr3e (which consists of three paintings total). His debut painting Storm: Winter Heart sold out of the unfinished limited editions and became one of his many bestselling paintings to date. Shortly after, Phillip began his first full-run series which combines his Thr3e mini-series set alongside various superhero paintings from select Marvel and DC characters. During the process, Phillip also announced he’ll paint a few standalone pieces for fun. Soon, Phillip plans to start a nature themed series titled Mother Nature, Father Time. In April 2018, Phillip announced he’s working on writing and creating the artwork for his own comic book series. This will be the first comic book series he’s written. Phillip also announced he’s collaborating on an unrelated comic book series not in relation to his own comic series. Unlike his own comic series, Phillip won’t be writing the collaboration title, but he’ll provide the artwork. The collaboration title is currently unknown. In 2018, Phillip was nominated for the Best New Artist award for his 2017 painting STORM.

Among his endeavors, Phillip has donated his time through philanthropy work for many organizations. His contributions help better communities, animals and the Earth. His efforts help preserves the Earth, help the homeless, spread rape victim's awareness, animal rescue and abuse prevention, elderly support and children abuse prevention. Besides being active within various communities, he also supports The Nature Conservancy, St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, The Trevor Project and RAINN (Rape Abuse, and Incest National Network). In 2016, Phillip won the Honorary Award from The Elephant Rescue Foundation for his contributions through donations, his assistance in feeding and giving medical care to baby elephants and being hands on with rescuing elephants from poaching.

Phillip Nelson


Phillip Nelson