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Storm: Winter Heart

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The painting Storm: Winter Heart was released on March 5, 2015. This painting is symbolic of my life. I added many distinctive elements from my journey expressed in the emotion of the piece. Although Storm isn't Native American, I added tribal feathers to represent part of my ethnicity. When I'm in moments of despair I submerge myself in water to find my serenity. It calms my spirit, while refreshing my mind. It allows my creative energy to manifest into some form of art. These is why I selected to use rain among the lightning. Meanwhile, Storm’s expression embodies the struggles and hardships I've overcome throughout my life. “My feet may never leave the ground… but someday, I shall learn to fly again.” - Ororo Munroe, Storm


    The painting Storm: Winter Heart is a limited edition autographed painting with only 1000 prints available. Each print comes with a certificate of authenticity. Get yours before they're gone! Authographed Print Size: 11x17.